James Beatrice was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts. He graduated Newton High School. He learned music at an early age and played clarinet, saxophone, upright bass, and piano in bands and orchestras. Painting became a passion of his during High School and has been an obsession in adulthood. He attended Mass College Of Art and took classes at Decordova Museum School. In 1983 Jim drove down to Provincetown, MA and enrolled in The Cape School Of Art to study with Henry Hensche. He spent five Summers there and became close with Henry and became his chef.

Jim has lived and painted in many places. In 1969 he moved to Scottsdale AZ. From there he made his way to Topanga, CA where he spent two years. He came back to Massachusetts, got married and set up shop in Cochituate. After 18 years Jim got a divorce and moved to Boxford, MA and eventually back to Newton, MA where he had a studio. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Jim spent winters in a small town, Hillsboro, in southwest New Mexico where he would paint the beautiful landscape. During the 90’s Jim got together with his friend Sandy Yukes and established an art gallery. They named it Silver Lake Gallery and kept it alive for three years. Jim currently lives in Auburndale, MA.

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